Friday, June 1, 2012

A Little Recognition!

Christine Ramsey (front, left), treasurer of the Friends of Cahuenga Library, chats with Mary, her counterpart at the Friends of Los Feliz Library.
Today, the CahuenGardeners, other Cahuenga Library volunteers and volunteers from several other L.A. Public Library branches were honored at a Volunteer Recognition Breakfast this morning at the Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library.

I was asked to do an "inspirational speech" to the 100 or so LAPL volunteers and staff in attendance. I thought I would be one of a handful of volunteers who got to speak, but I learned just the other day that I was the library volunteer speaker. So here's my speech:

Most of the time was devoted to networking and meeting each other. Many were literacy tutors, there were some who help library staff stack and sort boos and media. A few people approached me and were interested in how to keep their library clean.

We also had a photo of the "Cahuenga Crew"

L to R: Liza Xu (CahuenGardeners), Elson Trinidad (CahuenGardeners), Ramona Cash (literacy volunteer), Cathie Ehle (Cahuenga Staff - Young Adult Librarian)
The event took place in an LAPL training facility located in the upper floors of the Pio Pico-Koreatown branch library, which was still closed for the day when the breakfast program went on. I ran into Hollywood Branch Sr. Librarian Arthur Pond (who, incidentally was former Sr. Librarian at Cahuenga circa late 1990s, and gave me the green light for my early community meetings there), told me the history of this branch, how it was once located near the Pico Union area, and a Korean company donated the building to the LAPL, which was supported by then-councilman Nate Holden. Another location was eyed by the community and supported by the City Librarian, but the councilman got his way in the end.

According to Melissa Potter, LAPL volunteer coordinator, this was the first time in about 10 years that LAPL volunteers had a recognition program, and similar programs are being put on in different LAPL regions.

It was a great way to share our experiences and meet so many other devoted people in their communities! And the food was pretty good too!

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